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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the BA TESOL Course work?

Weekly Classes - Siam Technology College BA TESOL program’s main in class semesters are every week during the months of March, April, and October. Each class during these semester months run for one week, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. By the end of that week the class is finished. If you have schedule a class for the following week, you would then go to that one.

Weekend Classes - In addition to weekly classes during the months of March, April, and October, Siam Technology College also has regular weekend courses available in May-September and November-February. These weekend courses are two full days, generally starting on a Saturday and running for 2.5 weekends, e.g. Saturday and Sunday of the first weekend, Saturday and Sunday of the second weekend, finishing on Saturday of the third weekend.

These scheduled classes will make up 90 of the required credits for the course. These 90 credits can be obtained in 30, Monday thru Friday, week long or weekend face-to-face classes.

The remaining 30 units do not require face-to-face classes at Siam Technology College and can be obtained by the following:
• A 120-hour TESOL certificate which includes the 29 online units of Introduction to TESOL: 3 credits
• One term of Reflective Teaching journals: 6 credits
• One Human and Environment science project: 3 credits
• One Language Acquisition Research Paper: 6 credits
• One Phonology, Morphology, and Syntax Research Paper: 6 credits
• One TESOL Methodology Research Paper: 6 credits

Is the degree internationally recognized?

It most certainly is! The degree will fulfill the requirements to obtain a full work permit in Thailand to work as an English teacher. We also contacted UCLA and Harvard University to enquire whether the Siam BA TESOL degree would be acceptable for admission to graduate school. Both schools confirmed to us that it would be accepted as a legitimate degree.

You will proudly be able to confirm to anybody who asks that you have earned a degree.

If you choose to teach English in other countries you should have no problems. The only exception to this so far is Saudi Arabia, which requires all applicants have a degree attained in their home country.

What is the minimum number of classes I need to take to qualify for an Education Visa?

You need to take a minimum of 15 credits (five classes or some other combination of 15 credits) per semester to qualify for an Education degree.You will be required to show that you have paid for, and are registered in at least five courses for the current semester when you are going to immigration to apply for a visa.

Where is Siam Technology College?

Siam Technology College is located at 46 Jarunsanitwong 10 Road Tha Pra, Bangkok Yai, Bangkok, 10600, THAILAND

How can I get there?

What should I wear?

Guys - Collared shirt (tie recommended), slacks, leather shoes, all in good repair. No shorts, sweats, torn jeans, t-shirts, or tennis shoes.

Gals - Smart Casual. No shorts, sweats, torn jeans, t-shirts, or tennis shoes.

Remember that university students in Thailand are required to wear uniforms and appearances in general are of the utmost importance. You are not just representing yourself here, you are also representing the International Program. Please be aware that failure to comply with the minimum dress code requirements may result in you being asked to leave campus and change into something more appropriate.

What are the maximum number of classes I am able to take each semester?

The maximum number of credits you allowed to take per semester is 21. Generally each class is worth 3 credits, so by taking 7 of the usual in class face to face classes per semester you will reach 21 credits. If you take the maximum amount of credits each semester than in a given year it is possible to reach 42 credits, making it possible to finish your degree in 3 years.

What if I miss a day?

Our classes are intensive; each class is one semester of course work condensed into a 5 day course. Therefore, if you miss a day, you will lose a letter grade. For example, if your final mark for all completed work is a B+ and you missed one day that week, your final grade will be a C+. More than one day absent results in failing the class and having to retake it at a future time (you will also have to pay for this retake).